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Pet Stuff :D

Apr 07, 2009

So, I am extremely into, or you could say obsessive over pets and pet hatching. I have three main pets that I have hatched and been happy about... One being a golden ram[For it's card(Because I have a myth guy, although I no longer use him)], a polar bear(Cause it's a sexy pet, and cause I got balance blade and more blades on it), and I just hatched for a scarecrow. My things are simple, I want to have a intricate pet with the following:
1. It needs to be a polar bear
2. It wish there was a way to give the scarecrow card to my polar bear
3. And I want Unicorn, and Fairy Friend

My problem is that I have hatched with for my polar bear, didn't get the parents heal may casts, than didn't get the other guys heal may casts when I did my scarecrow. Also I have seen people who have told me they hatched so many times with two pets that they got opposite cards, but there is nothing on the internet or wiki about it. I really want the perfect pet, I have spent hundreds of thousands of gold, and weeks trying to get a perfect pet. Any suggestions would be great, please help me speed up the process :D