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Pet Statistics Question

Mar 21, 2009
When I mouse over the pet statistics it gives information that when I play the mini games and increase pet points in strength, agility, intellect, and will it will help with health, mana, accuracy, and damage. I leveled my class pet to adult thus increasing pet statistics, but when I exchange this pet for another pet who is not leveled, my mana, health, and accuracy stay exactly the same. The only stat that changes is pip percentage. :? Does this mean that leveling my pet does nothing unless I wish to race? I'm confused. It seems that spending all this time leveling pets is not helpful unless you want to race in the derby or unless you HAPPEN to get a lucky skill. Most of the non racing skills I've gotten have been to increase pet statistics. If they don't help my wizard then it appears to be pretty pointless to spend all the time to level pets.

Feb 14, 2009
What i have noticed is that the 5 subjects strength smarts speed will and power do diff things for talents u get when u lvl up. I have a defender pih so i will use that as a example
Strength- Damage, pip, resist / swimming
Intellect- mana accuracy, pip / clay
Agility- Health, accuracy, resist / grass
Will- Health, mana, damage / dirt
Power- All

Ok so ALL defender piggles will give 6% defense if they were gotten before update. If i wish to get more defense from him I will need to train strength, agility, and power(which i did now i get 8% from him lol). If you have a school pet and wish for it to give more pip chance, you want to train its trength intellect and power. I do also believe whatever you train it most in will effect what talents it gets when it levels up.

Hope this helps,

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Oct 03, 2009
What the tips for stats mean, (if you read the release notes for the patch) is that if your pet manifests an ability to give you mana, the stat will increase that ability.

For example, I have one of the fairy pets that give the card, it's a good pet. At Teen, it started out with the ability to increase my mana, by leveling it up, not even to adult yet, just increased stats, it went from +16 mana to +27 mana.

Those stats are only for manifested abilities and derbys.

Dec 09, 2008
i couldn't agree more. i been leveling up my pet wondering if this is really worth it. i have gotten my pet to an adult and the skills it gave me are for pet derby. i think i will not go any further with it and just stop. it costs to much to level them up and well the games are just boring and repetative.

May 19, 2009
some pets give stat increases when they level up, but it depends on how strong that area is

STRENGTH affects damage, pip chance, and resitance
INTELLECT affects mana, accuracy, and pip chance
AGILITY affects health, accuracy and resistance
WILL affects health, damage, and mana
POWER affects most statistacs

for instance if my ice collosus had a high will before he leveled up he will most likely give a boost towards my health and damage. As of now he is still a teen and only has 1/4 traits unlocked so far which gives me a 5% pip increase.