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Pet Spells

Aug 02, 2012
Aug 25, 2013
gunnerds on Apr 2, 2014 wrote:
I think Pet sells should not have a pip cost.
Pet spells* need to have a pip cost because many are too powerful to simply be 0 pips. I started a new Ice wizard with an Epic Polar Bear Cub. That means at level 2 I was running around with 2 Woolly Mammoth spells in my deck (a 7 pip cast). The base damage of that spell is 600 - 700. Simply put, I would have sailed all the way from Unicorn Way through Celestia quite easily.

John RavenCatcher - lvl95
John StormWalker - lvl95
John DragonPyre - lvl48
John FrostShard - lvl34