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Pet spells

Sep 10, 2010
Oct 24, 2010
Lucky dude on Jan 28, 2014 wrote:
How do you get your pet to cast healing and attack spells
Your pet will offer spells in one of two ways: 1) 'may cast' in which they will randomly cast whatever spell it is and, 2) a spell card added to your deck. That is found at the bottom of your deck along with your wand spells [etc].

Mar 07, 2012
Let's make my pet leopard, Fluffy, the example.

Fluffy is a teen, he has smoke screen. (a spell) It is a may cast spell, so, he may cast it for me. It will cost me no pips, nor affect anything I have on me. Fluffy's spell is triggered by casting a single target spell since this is an epic trait, he will not likely cast it. Let's say I casted a single target spell, and Fluffy did cast the smoke screen spell, he will do a cute little dance. (most pet species have different dances) It will interrupt the battle, and Fluffy's spell will appear on the enemies as if a wizard had casted it. It works the same for healing and attack spells. :D

~ Vanessa