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Pet snaks

May 31, 2009
I would like a few inputs on pet snaks and what type snaks they like, I know the game wants us to learn on our own but giving each other help is what it is about. My Death pet loves storm treats and my Ice pet loves storm treats.
If the game will allow us to share our information then could you write what your Myth and fire or any pet likes as far as snak is concerned. I am having trouble finding snacks for my myth pet. Any Ideas?

Feb 14, 2009
from what I experienced so far (I will use my death pet as an ex) he likes all death snacks which means he gives 1 pt + in power. In each lvl there are multiple types of a certain school snack Death goat cheese and taco and 1 more. He LOVES the taco meaning +2 but only likes the other 2 +1. He also likes 2-3 lvl 5 snacks outside of death.

Nov 11, 2008
Well, my pet satyr likes life snacks, and one of my death pets like death snacks, so i think that they like their own school snacks (different for you) So i would try myth snacks for you myth pet, and fire snacks for your fire pet. Hope this helps!!!


Dec 09, 2008
I've experienced that my rain collossus likes different snacks from across the entire spiral but I have yet to see a snack that he loves unless I need to pay more attention that is. I believe that your pet's preferred snacks depends on your pet alone and that it is random. Also the school that the snack is in is irrelevant to whether your pet likes it or not because my rain collossus likes balance large watermelons, ice crunch apples, and storm large fish (I think he likes that kind of fish). He also likes other types of snacks, but thats just off the top of my head.

May 31, 2009
I have my Stormzilla maxed out on all levels and is working on his final level experience, fillling 1000 is slow, If you have stormzilla and know snaks he LOVES please share with me and I will try them, I am trying to Max out my stormzilla and breed it with another maxed out pet The game has not said if you lose anything when you breed and they are not maxed out. Sure you can breed at adult but does the new pet hatched lose anything because the parent pets were not experienced enough? or their levels were not filled?
Or does it even matter? None has been said or made clear so i decided with the cost of it all to Max mine out and only breed with those maxed out. This is unless the game will tell us more about breeding and if we lose anything if pets are not fully trained in certain levels. Would love to know more.
Meantime if you know what stormzilla LOVES please share with me and I appreciate it.
My Myth two headed dog Loves King Bananas and Ape Grapes a life treat. and he also LOVES wormy apples, This is what i hope those here will do, share what their pet Love, we know they LIKE their school treats but what do they LOVE....