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Pet snacks

Dec 29, 2009
I was wondering what was the best way to get high ranking pet snacks. I have heard that Winterbane was the best and i heard farming plants was the best but i am not exactly sure what to do. I have tried both before and i am not quite sure what is best, Winterbane seems to be the best for getting the snacks quickly and Planting seems the best if you have a while to wait.

WolfLife LVL 75
WolfStormwraith LVL 76

Sep 17, 2012
Mirror Lake is quick to farm if you know how and always gives you 2 Pixie Stix (rank 8 +30). Takes 25-40 minutes for a good team to finish. Or to solo if you are high enough level. Farming mobs in Savarstaad Pass for Couch Potato seeds is another option. The drops are rare but the battles take only a couple rounds. Once you have a good supply of them, you can garden a lot with very little maintence spells. I have 105 Couch Potatoes growing in two wizards homes. They give me 105 snacks (Rank 9 +40,+45,+50) every 4-5 days. They cost me between 30 and 40 energy per day to maintain until harvest in each garden. I think gardening is the best way to go in the long run.

Apr 21, 2011
Waterworks drops pretty good pet snacks. There is of course the mega snack pack, which cost 2,500 crowns each, but that is expensive. As of gardening, key limes drop good stuff too.

If you really need a certain pet snack, go to the www.wizard101central.com wiki and search it up. It will tell you everything you need to know about them, especially where to find them.

Kelsey Sunpetal LVL 75