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Pet Snacks

Jan 02, 2010
When you feed your pet a snack, you are told whether it ate the snack, liked it, or loved it. Why is this important? Does it change the effects at all? Does it make your pet perform better in derbys or in battle. I am VERY confused as to why these degrees exist. Can anybody explain it to me? :?

The information you seek, young Wizard is in the Update Notes linked on these message boards and many other locations.

Feeding your Pet

The West Ende Girls will teach you about feeding your pet.
At the end of each pet training game, you can feed your pet a snack.

You can buy snacks from the snack shops or buy a recipe and craft them. Recipes for snacks can be found on Recipe Vendors throughout the Spiral.

Snacks increase your pet’s statistics and make them increase in rank faster. You will receive a message about your pets approval of the snack; "Your pet ate this snack.", "Your pet likes this snack." or "Your pet loves this snack." but only 'liking' or 'loving' a snack will result in a power gain for your pet.

Once you have fed your pet, you can play the game again by pressing the 'Play Again' button.

Mar 13, 2010
So far, I have gotten the statistics listed on the snack card whether he only ate it or liked it.

Is there something I am not seeing?

Mar 01, 2009
You also receive experience increase on your pet based on how much it liked the snack you fed him.