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Pet Pavilion Hatch Meet Up

Dec 26, 2013
Hey Wizards,
I have heard you can only get an ice hound by hatching with one. If anyone doesn't mind meeting up to hatch with my adult Ice Colosuss. I am looking for an Ice hound ancient or higher to hatch with that has may cast pixie or better. If you would like to. Message me when you want to. We can meet up in Realm Ivan area 1 in the pet pavilion. Thanks!

~Alex IceMancer()

Dec 12, 2010
I don't have an Ice hound but I will hatch with you. I have a trojan horse and if you need money I will help you get some more gold.

The realm and area is fine meet me there 2/10/2014 at 4:30 and I live in the eastern time zone just say , "can you help me" if you need gold.

Olivia Skullhunter level 33

p.s. I will wait about 15 minutes.