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Pet Optimization

Aug 21, 2009
I'm a lvl 50 Technomancer with most of the death pets [Cyclops, Wraith, Skeletal Warrior, Troll, etc.]. I've tried to pay attention to the varied paths I have followed to bring these pets to Epic. The whole process still seems incredibly random to me in terms of manifesting talents. I tried different approaches, like using one and only one mini-game, or like concentrating on snacks the pet 'likes' or 'loves,' and nothing really seems to influence the manifest process. Anyone have any hints or seen any techniques for getting the best talents for your pet? Or optimizing a pet for strength as opposed to agility.
Thanks in advance, DeathBlossom.

Jul 15, 2009
Nope, sorry. From what all has been explored on various thread forums, it has been determined that Traits are selected randomly at hatching, and set to activate at specific 'growth points'.

The only way you can try to obtain a specific pet with specific desired traits is to try to breed for it. Good luck with that - basic Mendelian genetics _appear_ to apply, but there has not been enough of a population of G2/G3,ect pets to confirm.

Apr 21, 2010
It is random for 1st generation pets.
Mini-games and snacks don't affect what manifests.

You can influence what manifests in the offspring by Hatching with pets that have already manifested the Talents you like since those Talents have the greatest chance to transfer and manifest in the offspring.