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Pet Names

Jan 23, 2009
Okay this is just a suggestion, but can you please offer us the option of naming our pets while they are eggs for free. Not just the ones we buy all of them drop and hatches. I hate when I get names like King Amy or Princess Jeff and the pet is a female looking ghost.

I get it the computer can not guess what to name it the names are random but they are also silly and not really humorous. And having to spend more money to rename them is a bit much. I am spending too much on them as is.

This would not cost us or the company to add a prompt (like the one the store gives us when we buy them for drops and hybrids. Or since now a days we have to wait for the hatch we should be able to to take an eggs and name it for free. Its not really renaming them if you never had the choice in the first place.