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pet mixing problems

Nov 12, 2009
i just hathced a pet with my friend alex battleblade and it cost us both 43 000 and we both got out same pets back. his egg had a hydra in it and mine had a stormzilla. why would they do this though? isnt the purpuse to mix and make new kinds of pets? not give another one that you Already have? sure it has some better stats but we both thought that the chance that you could get you own pet back should be 0. i think some people will agree with me on this one because its happened to some other people i know to.


luke swiftriver, grandmaster deviner.

Apr 30, 2010
I hatched my helephant with a person's stormizilla and it cost us both forty thousand some gold, and all we got was our same pets back as well. You think they could give us a new pet for all the work we did. And why should we have to pay so much if we're just going to get the same pet back? I wouldn't mind paying so much for something differrent but forty thousand for just another helephant? Not worth it. Some of my friends have paid over two hundred thousand gold trying to hatch their level forty eight pets. I don't like wasting gold and time on nothing, i know that hatching is all chance but you would think the chances could be more in our favor

Aaron Firestone level forty eight pyromancer

Nov 12, 2009
yea i agree with you aaron i i think you should at least get your partners pet at the very least our a mix cause i really wouldnt mind one of these options but getting you pet back was a waste of 2 weeks of farming. also i feel for some of your friends because of the amount they paid. its kinda like a rip off almost