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Pet Meet-Up Offer

Jan 18, 2011
Hi, I have some pets that I will put up for the offer of hatching. Please do the same and describe the pets you will be offering here. I want to benefit from this too, so I might not hatch with you if you place an offer... apologies in advance.

Red Ghost (Hybrid) (Mega) (5th G) (Death)
Pedigree49 (25)
TalentsMana Gift, Spritely, Death Giver, Death Proof, Death Trap
Stats225 Strength, 250 Intellect, 220 Agility, 232 Will, 150 Power
Cards 1 Red Ghost card at Ancient... 2 at Epic... 3 at Mega.

Ianthine Specter (Mega) (1st G) (Death)
Pedigree58 (29)
TalentsPip 'O Plenty, Death Shot, Astute, Death Giver, Death Trap
Stats190 Strength, 300 Intellect, 200 Agility, 240 Will, 250 Power
Cards 1 Reanimate at Baby.

Sea Dragon (Adult) (1st G) (Fire)
Pedigree72 (16)
TalentsSpell Proof, Disarmament
Stats240 Strength, 250 Intellect, 250 Agility, 225 Will, 250 Power

Utility Dragon (Mega) (1st G) (Myth)
Pedigree63 (32)
TalentsPierce Train, Mana Gift, Spritely, Health Gift, Myth Shot
Stats225 Strength, 250 Intellect, 225 Agility, 225 Will, 200 Power

Chameleon (Adult) (1st G) (Balance)
Pedigree46 (12)
TalentsMulligan's Shuffle, Vehement Vanquisher
Stats185 Strength, 150 Intellect, 185 Agility, 165 Will, 190 Power
Cards 1 Hydra at Baby.

Shaolin Monkey (Adult) (1st G) (Myth)
Pedigree54 (12)
TalentsHealth Gift, Go Humongo
Stats220 Strength, 230 Intellect, 250 Agility, 240 Will, 200 Power
Cards 1 Time of Legend at Baby.

Toaddle (Adult) (1st G) (Storm)
Pedigree62 (16)
TalentsBoss Toad, Incredibly Infallible
Stats250 Strength, 245 Intellect, 245 Agility, 190 Will, 220 Power
Cards 1 Cleanse at Baby.

Please post your pet offers using the following template:

PedigreeX (X)
StatsX Strength, X Intellect, X Agility, X Will, X Power
Cards X


Oct 04, 2010
I would love to hatch with you if you would like. I don't have much to offer unfortunately, I'm happy with any pet you want to hatch with. I have a adult Forest Beast, I'll post the stats if you are interested. Just let me know and we'll set up a time and realm. Thank You!!!

-Scarlet Moon Stone lvl 41

Oct 04, 2010
Also, if you're interested I will get any of other pets to a adult or up for you, let me know what pet you want, I have several rare pets that aren't adults quite yet. Can you maybe let me know what you're looking for?

-Scarlet Moon Stone lvl 41

Oct 04, 2010
Ok, I got my forest beasts stats, but I don't know her pedigree I post that later if you 'd like.

Forest Beast (ancient) (1st G) (life)

Pedigree ?

Talentsstead fast, health gift, pip boost

Stats 175 Strength, 200 Intellect, 212 Agibity, 191 Will, 210 Power

Cards Life Blade at baby