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Pet info request

May 01, 2010
I really like the additional layer of information on the character sheet where you can see what makes up the current bonuses. I am trying to understand what exact contributions pet talents and statistics make, but so far can only find very general information on the pet screen, i.e. such and such contributes to the such and such... but no specific numbers. I would like to understand this better in order to understand if I really want to invest what seems like a great deal of time to mature pets, make hybrid pets etc. In other words, I would like to be clear about the 'return on investment' in more than a general way, not before hand, but in the process. As it is I can see the pets progress, but no quantifiable impact of that progress outside the pet derby, etc. I am interested in PvE and PvP effect. If this information is available and I am just not understanding where to look, could you please let me know. If this is not available could you please consider making it available.

Thank you.
Team Tristan
Tristan Hawkstone
Tristan Owlstone