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Pet Identity Crisis

Jun 17, 2010
I was ready for my first hatch it was with my friends piggle and my fire cat. I mix them and i get another piggle? Also i had enough money for a HUGE breed so i mixed my JADE ONI AND HELAPHANT and i get another helephant? Seriously i got MAD i sold all of my stuff for that

Apr 03, 2010
what I ment was what are the hybrids you can get from a danger hound, if any.

sorry, I can be confusing ;P

Aug 01, 2009
Rykue wrote:
Gamma wrote:
Have you logged in to find your beloved Death Scarab now thinks it is a Grim Scarab? Or that Jade Oni suddenly things it is a Forest Oni?

No worries, young Wizards, we're aware of this small issue and we are working to correct it as soon as possible.

I just spent weeks, WEEKS farming to get enough gold to cross my satyr with my orthrus, so I could get jade hound, When I finally brought both of my pets together, (and loosing all of my energy), I got a another satyr!!!??!!!

Seriously, are you kidding me? I did not spend all those hours to get another satyr, if I wanted another satyr, (which I dont know who would) I would had mixed with another satyr. I now know w101 is not expect me to farm for another 100000 gold to try this mix again! This seems to be immoral what w101 is doing to us. This is a time and money drain, and I feel like we are al being taken advantage of.

There should not be any luck chances or possibilities, when you are paying that much gold to hatch! Someone might think that this does not equal to real money lost, but it clearly does. I consider this hatching to be a a major problem to many wizards, and confusing to most.

Why make an expansion to be so difficult, and yet cruel? I really expect to get a response back by someone in W101 soon! What kind of game is this turning out to be?

they said that there are millions of mixes. that isnt true what i think they should do is during the mixture process you can make what you want your outcome of the hatching is by there being a thing during hatching where you can fuse the two pets however you want and then you name what type of pet it is. tell me if you think this a good idea.

Mar 18, 2009
you know what person above (sry forgot your name ) We should make a petition HERE THAT DR.PERREAU WE WANNNA MAKE OUR OWN PETS

Jan 18, 2010
ok these pet prices are ridiciouls (sorry for spelling) i hade spent around 5,ooo crows just to lvl up my storm colosus just to find out that it cost 40,ooo and some odd coins! i mean what a rip off. i hate to say anthing bad about KI because i spen most of my time and money on it. but these prices are redicioulous! please fix this KI. :(