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Pet Hatching or Cloning?

May 31, 2009
After many trys I have decided that the pet hatching is not working for the game. By Not working I mean after several trys and a lot of Gold you are not getting any benefit in return then it simply isnt working. It then becomes a wasted effort to try.
I finally reached this point after many trys and no different pet. I am selling all my pets i have but keeping one or two for each Grand master, wait I mean level 50 wizard that i have. Grandmasters , well lets say if you are the best in any game then you shouldnt need to buy or have anything extra to make you Greater. Level 50 wizards find themselves with white pips and weak spells, when this should not be with all the clothes and added things we have on from the game as school items. If you find you are having to add something to your wizard to make him better when he has on everything he is suppose to have on, Then he is not the best the game has to offer.
In other words the players should not have to buy power pips. especially if they are level 50 and have on all their school items. When a wizard is maxxed out on his gear then he should be the best in the game. Not find at times he has to suffer because he is getting less.
The hatching, I am finished with it. The pet drops, I dont worry about any more,cause i am selling those i have but a few. When i see a good pet I see a player the game decided to let have and he is lucky. For me the Pet pavillion is for leveling and getting extra help from your pet if you can get extra help from it. I already had 5% pips on my pet to begin with but game decide this is a talent that i got when leveling. How can i get what i already have? So now the talents my pet gives is really less than game says because one talent i already had without leveling. 5 % Pips
I was excited at first when i heard about the pets and hatching, but now down the road, I see it is just a waste of time, Cloning...... Dont believe me come to my dorm room I show you. When i see all that wasted time and effort, then something has to stop.