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Pet Hatching Is A Waste Of Time And Money

Nov 21, 2009
Well to be honest this pet hatching was cracked up to be fun and it is far from it i sit at ravens all day everyday making money to try get a pet i have tried and tried and tried but couldnt get the pet and now to realise the pet i want has been taken off the game and you cant get the card with it anymore instead i get a colosus card with it.

Now due to me having no luck what so ever i have missed out on a pet i think is the best pet i have seen on game since the update i have wanted that pet and even though i failed many times i kept trying and trying i just kept getting a collosus back and to be honest it just is not fun anymore i have never been so bored on any other game i have played in my life.

the reason for being bored is cause i know when i dont get the pet i have to try again and that means i have to stand all day repeating the same thing over and over again and than i have to wait a day before i can even hatch one.

thats way to much repeating if i had a pet i liked every now and than i would be happy but everytime i see a collosus it realy makes me mad that i have to do all that again to get a pet i like the look of it has even made me hate my level 48 pet.

Usaly i would take my time and gain cash when questing and such but i cant do that anymore cause if i see a pet i like i no i have to try get it quick before Kings Isle removes it like you did to the ice hound.

i see everyone else around me getting pets and i dont i have hatched with many people and more than likley they will get the pet they like where as i would get the same pet back and i dont care about the stats on it cause i dont train all the pets i have just the ones i like the look of.

Well i dont no if i will be renewing my subscription after this month just due to the removing of the ice hound pet which i have spent so many hours days and weeks trying to get and a friend of mine got it first time and cause he was lucky he now has the pet for good and i cant get it thanx a lot Kings isle

Jul 22, 2008
i am a lvl 48 storm wizard and i've saved througout the game to raise enough to hatch a pet. when i finally got my stormzilla and found somebody to hatch with, i did with no hesitation. when i got the egg, i was devistated to see that it was a malestrom egg. i knew without checking in the paint shop that it was another stormzilla. i was depresssed.

the next day, i farmed oyotimi the defiler the WHOLE day finally raising enough to hatch another pet. when i found someone with a wraith, we hatched, and i was ready level the whole house when i got ANOTHER malestrom egg. even though i knew it was stormzilla i checked anyways... i was right... :(

now i know pet hatching is a waste of my time and gold, and i will not be hatching again until the chances are definite or atleast raised. and i think i speak for many others when i say this. and the prices are outrageous. it took me hours to raise enough. i hope to see improvements in the future over the next few months (or sooner)

William Stormcloud - level 48 storm

Jun 12, 2010
I was REALLY excited about helping my friend hatch a pet. We had farmed Oyotomi The Defiler all day until he finally got about 42,000 gold. We then searched around the hatchery for someone with a Hydra, Wraith, or Orthrus. After searching diferent realms for about an hour, we finally found someone with a Wraith who was willing to hatch with my friend's Stormzilla. My friend and I were depressed beyond belief to see that it was just another Malestrom Egg, the same egg that Stormzilla hatches from. We were ready to tear the room apart when he failed to get a Tempest/Grimzilla for the SECOND time. Therefore with my friends 84,000 gold down the drain, we would appreciate if you would make the chances definite, or at least raise them.

Alex DeathBreeze- Level 29 Death