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Pet hatching error?

Jul 13, 2009
ok, Gamma ( or anyone else who can explain why this happened) I was hatching with a friend, his jade oni and my danger hound. When we got our eggs his was different then mine. I thought we were supposed to get the same egg. He got a egg for the oni ( the pet I wanted :( ) and I got a necromantic egg ( A ghost hound probably ).
1) Is this just a glitch and my or his egg reads the wrong thing ?
2) Can you fix this I really want that jade oni , since I just wasted 33,078 gold?
3) Has this happened to anyone else?

PS: I know this happens a lot to other people where they get the same pet, especially school pet hatching, but this isn't that, this is getting two completely different eggs in the same hatching process.

PSS: I ask that no one post a sob story of how they wasted so much more money then me, I just want to know if this can be fixed somehow.

Apr 21, 2010
It's typical to get different eggs.
Happens more often than each player getting the same egg.

Jul 15, 2009
1. Nope - not a glitch. You got a ghost hound just about anybody else would kill for.

2. Short answer: No. See answer 3 for the long answer.

3. Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: The long threads about getting duplicate pets are actually examples of exactly this issue. Both are examples of the probable code that is being used to determine what pet a user can get.

From observation of the various threads, reading the instructions and advisements on these boards, as well as the breed registry threads on Wizard 101 central, I've deduced that the hatching process probably works something like this:

Whenever a hatching attempt is made, three things happen:
1. 10 traits from each parent are randomly selected for the child's 'pool' of 20. (10 pet talents and 10 derby skills)
2. 8 traits are randomly set to activate at specific age levels. (4 talents, 4 skills)
3. The pet's appearance and (potential) card are selected at random from a predetermined list set for that pet type.

The third step is the one that is tripping everyone, including you, up.

I'm going to break down what I think is going on, using your example:

Danger hounds are restricted from the pet replication list. That gives us a list of two potential progeny types:
{Ghost_hound::Life Oni}

You spend the money to toss the coin that decides whether you get the oni or the hound. In this case, the coin gave you tails when you wanted heads. What you wanted never comes into it.

That being said, there does appear to be a problem with how the odds default in the code.

It almost looks like when the lists are created, a character's pet default progeny type automatically is set the first slot, the second pet gets the second slot, and any hybrid pet types available round out the list.

There is simply not enough data to accurately guess how KI determines their odds during breeding, and whether a pet's pedigree factors into the likelihood of being replicated.

I think there might be something in their conditional loop that makes a breed attempt tend to default to the character's own progeny type, but I know for a fact that you can get your breeding partner's pet type during a breed attempt.

Again, there is simply not enough data to determine if this is an intentional side effect of breeding, or if we are just seeing a skewed sample. (People unhappy with breeding? Complaining lots. People happy? Not talking so much.)

Apr 21, 2010
According to KI, the system also checks to see which pet is more rare.
The rarer pet has a lower probability of being obtained from the Hatch.

After the pre-Celestia update I've noticed that the offspring seem to be swapping more often than they used to.