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Pet Explanation please?

Jul 13, 2010
OK so I have a lot of questions about pets. I will just start from a random spot...

1. Does the pedigree score affect the rarity of skills gained? For example, a pet with a high pedigree score having a better chance for rare and ultra rare talents over a pet with a lower pedigree score. (Answered)

2. As you increase a pet's trait (Strength, Intelligence, etc.) does that give a better chance for rare and ultra rare talents when a pet reaches another age block?

3. Does every pet have a chance at a total of 4 of 10 talents even though some guides and web sites only show a few of the possibilities listed? (Answered) Also, does every pet have a predetermined list of talents (or are there random talents a pet can get) and you only have a chance at 4 of the 10?

4. Does the pet's school offer the same talents for all pets of that school (say Life for instance) with just in a random order/chance of getting the combination of talents you want? Or do only certain pets have access to certain school abilities? (i.e. do all pets in the school of life have a chance to learn Life-Giver or only certain Life pets?)

I have been trying to find the perfect pet companions for my wizards but all the pet guides I have read are pretty much useless. Thanks in advance for any information and assistance :)

Jul 15, 2009
2 -no. All evidence is that the pet's traits are randomly set at hatching. The only way to maximize the number of ultra-rare/epic/rare talents is to selectively breed two pets with a high incidence of those traits.

Note: Just because something is epic, it does not mean that it will be the most desirable trait for you. Life shot and storm shot are the same rarity - one wil be perceived as more valuable than the other.

3. Correct. Each pet type has a specific 'set' it chooses from. Some sets will share traits across pet types, which is why you will see balance-it in both hydra and dragons. 4 of those traits are randomly selected at hatching for the pet.

Note: This changes slightly when dealing with second generation pets. A 'bred' pet will inherit 5 traits from each parent. At hatching, the G2 pet will randomly select 4 talents from this mixed set of 10.

This allows you to get a Minotaur that can cast Life wards, or a Clockwork Golem that can cast a half-powered sprite spell. It can also get you a fire bat with life accuracy, so your mileage will vary.

4. All the indicators from KI show that each pet 'type' has access to a talent 'pool' that they draw from. From looking at the various lists being attempted to pool knowledge of pet talents, it does appear that the higher pedigree pets have access to a pool of 'stronger' talents.

Note: Not enough data has been collated to know exactly how much 'crossover' of specific talents occurs. It appears that school-based defense, damage and accuracy appear across the board. Your individual pet is not necessarily guaranteed one of those traits, however, even if you are actively trying to breed it in.

Jul 13, 2010
Apr 21, 2010
Pedigree is the total number of Rarity Points on the Talent and Derby slots in a pet's petnome.
Which means, yes, higher Pedigree indicates more slots with stronger Talents and Derby Powers.