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pet drop trouble and please help

May 04, 2010
i am trying to get more pets for my collection of pets ( i currently have 22 different kinds of pets i think) and i am trying to get the pet that black widow drops (the black spider) and i have faced that spider so many times i even tried not passing at all in some matches and i still did not get it i am still trying to get the pet even though i faced the boss around 30 times and did not get it :( . i am wondering a few things that might help me get the pet because if i do not get it soon i am going to level up a lot facing this spider!

1. does saying anything in there decrease your chances of getting the pet?

2. does it decrease the chances of getting the pet depending on what day it is?

3. does not passing at all increase the chances of getting the pet? because it sure does get you good equipment :D

4.can you still get pets from past years or are they gone from the game?and if they are gone please put them back in the game

5.do you stop giving a dropped pet if around 8 thousand or something players get them because if you do please put them back so people who collect pets can get them

Jun 07, 2009
Sorry to say its random when you get the pet you can try 100 times and not get the pet, nothing will help increase or decrease your chance of getting the pet.

Wolf Moonshade grand of balance
Hunter Nightblade grand of storm

May 22, 2009
None of that stuff matters. Its all based on a random formula, so really you just have to keep fighting, and hope that you get it. Nothing will make it easier, and nothing will guarntee you a drop, so really its more luck than anything else.

Jun 09, 2009
1. no





Almost every single drop pet added has not been removed, the chances at any pet are random.