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Nov 07, 2009
I think most agree that pet derby is bugged, but SOMETIMES it works. It worked for me earlier and I was just thinking that my pet is SO slow. How can I speed him up? Everone else is just SO fast its impossible to beat them! Can anyone help? PLEASE!

Amber LegendBlade
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Seth Storm
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Level 6-7 (i can't remember!)

Apr 24, 2010
I know it's impossible to win, I always get in 4th place unless there is a bug on the track and what I mean by that is I'm just running and then it says I'm in 1st place. Then 5 min. later it says there are two first place winners. Then another 5 min. later it says I'm in last place. So I have no idea what happend but I have to quit the derby race if its does that. So I agree with you. :D

Apr 10, 2009
It seem you guys need help.

Tip #1- make sure you are racing people that are the same stage as your pet. (adult, teen, epic)

Tip #2- jump over obsticles to get some more of that green bar up at the top of the screen. (note you use this green bar to speed up)

Tip #3- have you tried pressing the forward key? cause that normally makes you faster.

Hope this helped.

Mar 08, 2010
has anyone ever found that when you push the space bar to jump the obstacles it hardly actually jumps it in time. it happens to me alll the time and i get so frustrated but then again it could be my connection :?

Apr 18, 2010
Sep 01, 2009
I have two ancient pets and one epic. I cannot race any of them in the Ranked Pet Derby. I sign up, and wait, and wait, and wait, and wait, you get the picture. Once, just to see what would happen, I just stood in one spot for half an hour, and a race never became available. So, I think it would behoove KI to make it VERY clear that once your pet reaches ancient or epic, you will be unable to race them for arena tickets because there are so few of them in the game. Every teen pet can race, even some adult pets, but nothing ranked higher. Either fix it or release a disclaimer, because as it is now, Wizard101 has all these pets that only give cards AFTER ancient, but you can't race them for tickets. So people spend crowns on the super snacks, level their pets, and are stuck, because the ranked derby won't work. This smells like fraud. Erin Dawn Weaver, Grand Life, obviously too many good pets :P

Jun 26, 2009
Use cheer when u slow down by betting morale points (morale points are earned by ducking or jumping obstacles) that will boost your speed. If you still are slow try getting those STARS floating on the race track. Your pet may have special abilities that allow it to go faster. You may also want to raise your pets agility to make it go faster. I hope this helps. :-)