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Pet Derby idea

Dec 08, 2012
I've came up with an idea that could be ultimately useless or very helpful in terms of training. Just like PvP, what if there was gear that required a certain Pet Derby rank to get it and that gear gave energy (like up to 20-30 energy hat, robe, and boots and it'll cost Arena Tickets) and this gear could be used to train a pet. OR instead of requiring a rank, how about it just cost Arena Tickets. I know that there is already gear that you can buy with crowns from the crown shop and also a gear set that's from a certain pack in the crown shop but remember, this was just an idea and remember that I said it COULD be ultimately useless or very helpful in training a pet. (to be honest, the more I think about this, the more I think that this could be ultimately useless but on the other hand, it could be very useful ). If this IS ultimately useless, then tell me how this idea could become very useful. If this can't be useful at all, then just say it.. This is an idea that may fail horribly