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Pet Derby Forcing an Extra Lap!!!!

Jun 26, 2009
Hi everyone. I was racing in the pet derby a few days back and well i wasnt happy with the results.
As you all know pet derby races have 2 laps. Well in my situation that wasnt the case. I had to take an EXTRA lap!! My Orthrus, Sir Brutus, Was in lead by about 1 minute. When i reached the end of the second lap my pet didnt stop. I was Forced to take a third lap therefore causing me to lose the race.

If anyone has any idea of what happened i would highly appreciate comments. Also if this has happened to you i liked to hear how you felt.

Lvl 49 Master Conjurer
Sloan Windthistle

Aug 21, 2009
that sort of thing happens when your connection is unstable and the game continues without actually interacting with the server... this sort of thing used to happen to me all the time until I discovered a virus on my system that was causing instability in my connection to occur due to decreased computer speed

Jun 26, 2009
Thnx i didnt know that. I hope it doesnt happen again. :-)