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Pet Derby exploits or bugs

Jul 18, 2009
Still seeing derby matches being won by pets in one lap. When is this going to be fixed. I see it routinely from certain players also in game. Is there some sort of hack or cheat engine making this possible? I hope this is fixed fast.

Not much else to do in this expansion and my account is on cancel until this is fixed.

Jul 18, 2009
Still seeing this happen routinely by a few players especially.

I have reported them in game, sent feedback on the website etc. with still no change.

Please fix the security in pet derby to stop the cheating.

Last error was I disappear and so did the other guy before the match start allowing the only guy (who seems to always have these things happen for him) go on to win the race without any problem. We couldn't do a thing but watch.

This same guy routinely wins in one lap also.

I also notice that many times I am unable to change lanes in the derby and this is without being lane locked.

Please fix these issues and hand out some discipline to the players abusing the system.