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pet derby badges

May 06, 2012
i wish KI would do more with the pet derby. i think is way better than PvP. And in pet derby you dont have to listen to all the nasty atitudes of the other players. it would be nice if KI made badges for the pet derby instead of just pvp.

Apr 18, 2013
Sorry to hear, Nateironhammer.

I strongly agree. I love the minigame Pet Derby, but it's also one of my many badges that shines very bright out to other Wizards
I was very disappointed once I could no longer shine no more with my special badge. I find Pet Derby to be more enjoyable than Pvp, just a little more to be exact.
Since I am not skilled just as others in Pvp, I could just show that I am just as good as they are in another game of Kingisle's Wizard101 Minigames rather than showing I am a dull untalented Wizard.

Nov 26, 2011
I also agree. Pet derby is FAR more fun than PvP, and most people earn their PvP badges by turtling/puppeting/etc, so yeah. Pet derby deserves badges too.

Jan 02, 2013
Hey, i agree that you should be more badges and more focus on the pet derby, because right now it has a lot of kinks, like i am just about to win a race, and it makes me do another lap. otherwise, i love pet derbies!
-Pet Commander

Mar 12, 2013
I thought there were badges for the pet derby? I see a few First Age Pet Warlord folks tooling around the Pavilion whenever I'm on. Not very many though.

I always like to strike up a convo with them to chat about what pets are best for derby talents and how they manage energy for training and competition.

Aug 04, 2009
People who participated in the first age pet derbies got badges, but second age do not get badges (yet?). I have heard some people say you get one at warlord (and some people say you don't) but I've not gotten that high of a rank ye so i don't know for sure.. I do hope at some point a professor will tell us what going on. I've seen/comment on a few of similar posts like this one.. so far nothing. Weather its a temporary glitch, or Kings Isle feels we don't need badges for pet derbies, still remains to be seen. Hopefully they reconsider and award badges again .

Oct 21, 2010
I would love having Pet Derby badges again, since I didn't really get into pet derby in the First Age.
It feels like KI is giving all the good stuff to PvP (improvements, tournaments, ect.) while Pet Derby doesn't get anything new & nice & fun. Pet Derby should be given recognition too, maybe a Pet Tournament, and some new courses to reflect newer worlds (like how PvP got new arenas).

-See Ya In The Spiral!!

Julia DragonLeaf