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pet damage

Feb 20, 2012
it have 2 death damage,in my pet, one of them was 5 and the other one 7 and i train my pet and they gain one point so now their 6 and 8 and when i look at my damage it only raise one, so idk what to do i try to log out and log in and it didn't work, so can any one help me?

Sep 07, 2011
The display values are rounded to whole numbers, but the real values aren't. Your pet is working correctly and will provide the right stats in combat.

For example suppose as you were training:

7.4 was displaying as 7 on the pet
5.3 was displaying as 5 on the pet
so 7.4+5.3 = 12.7 was displaying as 13 on your wizard stats

you add level...

7.9 is now displaying as 8 on the pet
5.7 is now displaying as 6 on the pet

now 7.9+5.7 = 13.6 displays as 14 on your wizard stats

You have really gained about 1 total and your wizard stats reflect that. It only looks like the pet has gained 2 because of display rounding.

Sep 17, 2012
It's because they are both rounded. Your pet's stats aren't high enough for a true 8 and 6. The stats might be high enough to be 7.7 and 5.5 for example, when rounded that shows as 8 and 6. However when the REAL numbers are added together it equals 13.2 NOT 14.

Oct 29, 2013
The strength and power attributes impact damage talents. The higher the numbers for those two attributes, the higher damage percentage. As you train your pet and it gains XP in those two attributes the percentage for the damage talents will increase slowly; once those two attributes reach the maximum XP the damage percentage won't go any higher. In other words, keep training until the strength and power attributes are maxed out.

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Jul 06, 2009
Actually depends on the stats of your pet if they are under 220 for all, then the defense and offense may not reach it's full potential. If Strength, Will, and Intellect is above 230, you are more likely to have it reach the full damage amount; for instance if your pet had strength at 235, will at 230, and power at 233; then death dealer will go to 9. proof will go to 10. If you have one that is below 220 it may be fine, but better to get it above 230. Training to mega will not increase the stat numbers. Only way for you to increase stats is to find someone with stats that have higher numbers in those 3 areas.

Feb 20, 2012