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Pet Battling

Dec 09, 2008
Since some of us were expecting pets to actually battle in fights and were disappointed when they didn't quite live up to our expectations with the launch of the advanced pet system, I figured there could be a Pet vs. Pet arena that would allow us to battle through our pets against other players' pets similar to the way that we duel in Player vs. Player. This would allow us to train our pets just like we normally do so that way we can race them in the derby but it will also allow us to teach them different battling techniques similar to real time fighting in other online games. This system could allow us to use our pets' talents as attacks rather than just as stat buffs. For example, quick-witted would allow our pets to use a fast paced attack that deals damage based on how high your pet's intellect is trained. I am excited about such an expansion, because this would give wizards who have completed all the quests something to do until the next world is released. I would also like to see an expansion on the variety of hybrids and the number of talents and derby skills (which could also be used as attacks in the Pet pvp arena) available in game so that way this concept can truely thrive within the game. :)