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pesky talents

Aug 10, 2009
Hey all, just had a question.. so I have been trying to get a pet that has all heals and atleast one resist (two would be even better) And I just wondered if some talents are harder to breed out than others? My poor fire gal has a pet with some good talents started but then 'may cast life trap' pops up.. I have hatched with bunches of other pets but that one talent keeps showing up to the party... On a diffrent wizard I keep having Fortify (gives you 1 fortify card) show up.. so yeah.. are there some talents that are more dominant then others?


Sep 07, 2011
On a given pet certain talents will be "sticky" or dominant. That's good if you want them, bad if you don't, but overall a help because you know what is most likely to come up again.

Nov 28, 2010
I don't know if there are or not. I think we all find the same thing. We're all happy when Spell Proof follows through with every pet, but not so impressed with Tower Shield always tagging along with it. Maybe that's the trade off for some of the talents that a lot of people REALLY don't want.

For example, Tower Shield (why I used it above) seems to be my bane for a couple of wizards. However I would still prefer Tower Shield over Spiritted. I had pets with Spiritted and other selfish talents like that that it seems have either been cleaned out of the gene pool in their offspring, or at least I'm getting fortunate enough that it's not one of the talents coming out in training anymore.

Pets are just a source of joy and frustration. It gets even worse when you're trying to get a pet with all 250's with all of the talents you want. Eventually you just have to accept that you've got something that's as good as it's going to get and move on.

Well... you don't have to accept that, but that's the road I take. If I didn't, I'd never get anything done. I'd just spend all of my time in the Pet Pavillion hatching and training pets to help me with something that I never have time to do.