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Pedigrees? I'm confused...

Jul 21, 2010
Can someone explain to me how the pedigrees work? I think they have something to do with hatching so I'm trying to decide which of my pets to train to adult in order to hatch. I like the talents too :)

I know my hydra pet has number thing of 54, is a baby with no training, and gives the card hydra at baby. My spider(?) pet (I think the number is like thirty-something) gives a life card at adult, is currently trained to teen, gives +1% death attack, and it's derby talent slows the person in front of them by -30%. My troll pet gives the card troll at ancient and has no training. I also have a teen dragon, a pixie (number is twenty something) with no training, a teen piggle, and a blue Cyclops.


Mar 10, 2009
Here is a great article that taught me a lot about pet hatching. It is in parts so be sure to read all of them. It is really great info and is explained really well.

Sep 17, 2012
Every pet has 10 Talent and 10 Derby slots. Pedigree is the total of all the possible talents.

Common = 1
Uncommon = 2
Rare = 3
Ultra-Rare = 4
Epic = 5

A pedigree of 100 would mean all slots are filled with Epic talents. 20 would mean all common.