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Pedigree Score?

Apr 30, 2010
You know how on your pets there's a pedigree score. My helephant has like fifty three or something but the number next to it even at epic isn't even in the twenties. So what if i want to see all the powers that a helephant gets i have to hatch like four of them? Also since you only get one thing your pet helps you with, like plus two fire attack, each time it goes up shouldn't it actually be something that helps you? Like my storm cat is an adult and so far it has only increased its intellect and power. I don't care about racing as much as i care about how much my pet helps me. I don't want to spend weeks raising pets just so their abilities can help them in races. Is there something that I'm just not getting here? Why is there a pedigree score if you can't even get it that high?
Please share your thoughts or answer some things about this

Aaron FireStone level Forty eight Pyromancer

May 02, 2010
the pedigree score is the amount of dots in your abilities and talent list. You only get 4 of each in a pet's lifetime so your overall score is the amount of dots those 8 abilities have.

Jul 15, 2009