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Numbers in parantheses and storm hound ???

Sep 17, 2010
I was wondering whats the numbers in parantheseis over your pets head I have looked all over and cant find out what the numbers over your pets head is for.

Also is the storm hound damage card.....nevermind I got it. If it says 120 per pip over 3 rounds its not 120xpips each round say if i have 3 pips it would be 120 per round not 360 each round, right?

Feb 14, 2009
If you open your pet's page it shows you the talents and derby traits it has unlocked, next to each one is 1-4 dots, the number in the () is the numbers of the unlocked traits all added, the number outside is ALL the traits, unlocked or not, added up. The higher the number on the outside, the more it costs to hatch with.

Jul 15, 2009
Last question first: Yep, you got it. It's pretty much a single-creature attack version of Tempest, drawn out over 3 rounds. I find it very useful for burning though a myth critter's shields.

The numbers refer to your pet's pedigree. When you look at your pet's data sheet, you'll notice that each talent/trait has a 1 to 4 'dot' value. These values add up to your pet's pedigree.

The number in the parenthesis indicate the pet's active talents. If you train your pet to teen, and he activates a 3-pip trait and a three pip talent, the number in the parenthesis will be (6).

Apr 21, 2010
The number in the parenthesis indicate the pet's manifested Talents.