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not getting what i paid for with pets

Aug 15, 2009
I bought the thug cat pet with crowns for my balance wizard because it gives that card at ancient.

My cat is fast approaching ancient and is not going to have enough stats left to ancient it once i max everything out.

I understand the reason for max stats. It enhances the pet and pet hatching experience.

However, does it have to be that the xp stops? Cant the xp for food and games go on even thought the stats is maxed?

And in regard to a previous post the one step long road is going to ruin the whole pet affair.

There fast come a time when it doesnt matter if the pet likes loves or just eats the food, and its that way now with my cat cause it wont get xp

I dont care that it is at max stats i want the benefit i paid for when i bought the cat and leveling normal is fair but not if its going to be a toss up to when i get tired of trying one xp at a time or just plain giving up and feeling ripped off.

And I honestly dont beleive that the wizard101 faculty is out to rip people off i just want to be able to advance my pet normally and life goes on max stats and all

Sep 07, 2009
I agree. Even the Mega Snacks are useless once your pet is maxed out. I don't look forward to playing the pet games 700 times in a row or more just to get to Epic. I should be able to apply the points from the snacks and such to my overall XP.

What about allowing the pet to gain some XP by actually using them in battle? If I always keep the same pet with me when I quest, it seems to me that they should gain XP more realistically than playing silly games that I'm already tired of.