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newly hatched eggs

Dec 19, 2008
I have gone to the hatchery and hatched 3 eggs so far, and all of them look just like the old pet. for instance put my adult burnzilla with a epic helephant and got another helephant. Then went in with somebody's green cat thug and my helephant and got a green cat thug.(did this when it kept saying your partner has left.) so I thought it was just because of the bug.
Now last night after the bug had been fixed combined my danger hound with a fairy from smogger and when the pet hatched it was only a danger hound with different stats. I thought that when you combined with a different pet you would get a mix of the two. Is this a bug or just something i'm doing wrong. Any answers from this post would be very much appreciated

Aug 05, 2009
This has been one of the, if not the, biggest letdown concerning the new pet system. The issue you are running into is not a bug, this is how they decided to do it. Justin Wingard, from KingsIsle Entertainment, talks about this on Ravenwood Radio. (I am currently 25min. into listening to the interview). I think everybody was looking forward to the baby looking like a combination of the two parents. I think people, who have the ability to use the test realm, should click the little bug at the top right corner of the screen and use the 'idea' tab and write this in as their idea. If enough players do it, maybe they'll change it. To me, this was what I was looking forward to the most. A morphing of the parents, then waiting to see what the baby was gonna look like when it hatched. Whenever I saw a carbon copy of my Oni hatch, I was like "What the...what happened....even the sizes of the Onis were the same" you figured that they would at least make the babies smaller, the teens a little bigger, then the adults their current size, make the ancients a little older, and the epic's almost faded God-like floating spirits (or something like that). I don't know....what does everyone else think????

Alexander Mythfinder

Aug 07, 2009
i think that would be awesome if they looked older and better every new level and by the way how much does hatching cost :)

Mar 30, 2009
Hello i recently got an egg but i dont want to wait 114 years to hatch. do i really need to wait more than 1000000 hours.

May 27, 2009
The timer bug has been reported before. Log out and back in and it should reset to proper time.