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New Pet Idea

Oct 12, 2011
Hi, my name is Elizabeth "Lizzie" Watergem. I am a level 81 Archmage Theurgist and I would like to suggest a new pet idea. As a theurgist, I have come across several common, uncommon and pretty rare pets. But not once have I seen a centaur pet. If there was one to be created, that would be a very cool pet to have. I'd definitely want to add one of those to my variety of pet. What do you think?

Jun 26, 2013
I do kind of life this idea. I am going to take a swing in the dark and say that this pet will give the Centaur item card. And also if this pet were to be as good as many life minotaurs can be I would definitely like having this kind of a pet.

Sarah SparkleCloud Lvl. 95 Pet Warlord

Sep 17, 2012
It's a good idea, but I would make it's card a special attack like many other pets have. Make it a Centaur attack all card. The way they gave Therizinosaurus the Hydra attack all.
Give 1 Brilliant Light card at baby/teen
Give 1 Life Blade at adult/ancient
Give 1 Centaur Hero at epic/mega 660-710 damage to all enemies for 7 pips

Nov 22, 2011
I think that sounds like a very great idea. I really want a stag sort of pet, like the ride. I am glad that so many people are coming up with great ideas like yours! If there was a centaur pet, I would buy it!


Jun 25, 2011
Nice idea. Im waiting for some sort of chinese dragon pet they look cool.

May 06, 2009
Storm Wizard on Nov 25, 2013 wrote:
Nice idea. Im waiting for some sort of chinese dragon pet they look cool.
Do you mean the Shenlong Dragons from the Ninja Lore Pack? They come in a variety of asorted colors and schools!

Anyway, I would love to see a Centaur pet. Maybe a s a Level 98 Life pet, yes? Like others have mentioned, it would make sense to have it with the Centaur pet, but I think it should be a Centaur variation like other School pets have (the Level 58 and 78 pets). Maybe...

Stapeding Centaur
Pips: 7
Accuracy: 90%
Type: Damage, AoE
-345 Life Damage and -25% Damage & 695 Over 3 Rds. to all enemies. (Kinda like Avenging Fossil)

It could give 1 at Baby, 2 at Ancient, and 3 at Mega.

Another pet I think would be cool to have is a Dryad pet giving the item card Dryad. That would be nice.