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New Pet Collector Please Help me!

Apr 20, 2013
I recently bought loads of card packs and got lots of rare/not-rare pets. At least I think they are superbly rare for someone my level. It would help me alot if you could tell me three things.
Also, I'm willing to hatch with others pets but I don't have a lot of coins and most of these pets aren't adult.

1. What 5 pets are the rarest ((out of mine))
2. What 2 pets would you suggest hatching together first. ((out of mine))
3. What plant gives out the most mega snacks?

List Of Pets ((No paticular order)):
Lavender Foo Dog

Forest Cyclops ((Adult))
Jade Oni
Hulking Cyclops
Yellow Ghost
Goat Monk
Myth Sprite
Life Scarab
Plague Ninja
Blue Banshee
Brown Spider
Spirit of Nature ((Adult))
Black Spider
Rat Magician
Pale Maiden
Death Leprechaun
Cat Thug
Black Spider ((Yes another one.))
Stray Piggle
Shadow Beast


Elizabeth Rosegem - Level 28

Feb 13, 2010
As for the plant evil magma peas is a great option which always drops its seed at elder along with an elder snack. Prickly Bear cactus is a good option if you have a lot of energy and do not have crowns.

Dustin Sky

Oct 24, 2010
All pets are listed here... look them up and decide which you want to keep/train.


Apr 29, 2009
I garden for Mega Snacks like crazy so these are the best plants for Mega Snacks, in my opinion. Couch Potatoes drop Captain Cantelopes, Frozen Yogurts, and/or Golden Wheat Bread at elder. Evil Magma Peas drop Capt. Cantelopes, Frozen Yogurts, Cherry Tomatoes, and/or Mystic Dragon Fruit at elder. These are all level nine Mega Snacks. You could also plant Deadly Helephant Ears for a variety of level eight Mega Snacks, all at elder. The good news about all these plants they're drops so you can farm for them and they reseed at elder so it's a drop that keeps giving. Good Luck.