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New game for pets

Jun 19, 2009
I'm a fan of baseball and thought if we could play with the pets. This is what I though it would be like.

Where to play:
Just like those Practice and ranked.

How many Players:
10 players! 5 on each time.

How to play:
Power up your pitch and kick by rapidly pressing the spacebar within 2 seconds.
If your kick is all the way then you get a homerun. Half way = 2 bases, vice versa.

Well It's just like baseball. For bases.

The rules are a tad different. You got to run to the base after you kick, make a run for it before they get close to you and if they have the ball and tag you, your out.

Who will be the Pitcher/Kicker:
That will be decided randomly.

Be in a line:
If you're on the offense team ( Err.. kick ) then you have to wait for a minute maximum if you're last.

Gimme a feedback of what you think. Feel free to add something more interesting and make it better. :D

Travis Smith
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David Deathblade
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Timothy Lifecaster
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