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Needing to Hatch with a Balance Pet!

Oct 27, 2013
I spent an entire day on wizard101 looking for someone with a good balance pet and found one person willing to hatch. Sadly i got the wrong pet and i spent the rest of the day continuing my search witch resulted in a waste of a day

Would anyone with a good balance pet be willing to hatch?
What i am looking for in a pet:
-one or more "may cast" healing spells
-balance blade (may cast or not i don't care)
-(optional) tower shield or any type of shield
- hex (may cast or not it doesn't matter)
- obviously it has to have a cuteness to it (no pets that creep out everyone in your path, but a black Minotaur with red eyes isn't scary on my terms)

If you would like to hatch make sure your pet fits at least two of these requirements.
We can come up with meeting times after the hatching agreement

Sophia Hawkrider Level 68