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My various ideas concerning pets

Aug 21, 2009
Concerning pets... it still takes a long time to raise pets and one has to seriously ask themselves is it worth all the time and effort going from ancient to epic no matter what their pet currently is. I don't mind the settings as they are, but the reward for such effort is too low. What I want to see is the talents of the pets be increased based upon the amount of aging points it has. Ideally all the talent boosts it gives would be increased by about 50% more than what they currently are. This means that by the time a pet is ancient it would have already recieved around 25% of that increase already, and adding on the other 1000 aging points to epic would pretty much double that bonus and make it worth going to epic on those pets you like the talents of.

The problem with pets is that we put a lot of time into them and don't get to choose our talents which can ruin our pets. I suggest that it should cost one aging level to reroll any one pet stat. This means if you don't like your pet's first talent at teen, you simply goto a pet person and rebirth it back to an egg or hatched. If your pet is an adult you can check mark the stat you want rerolled, and your pet gets degraded down to a teen. If your pet is ancient and you don't like one of your pet talents, you again check it and your pet gets degraded to an adult, and so on. To reward those with already ancient and epic pets, those pets should be given the ability to change and re-select any two character talents as well as any two racing talents and exchange them with any two of each on their pet's list. If the player's still aren't happy with all their talents after this exchange, they can downgrade their pet from epic to ancient, or ancient to adult, same as always.

Pets should be allowed to be stitched, this means if you are storm and have a stormzilla you should be able to stitch the stormzilla into the image of any other pet, so if you have played all game with a pet you loved, you can stitch its image and still reap the rewards of your grandmaster pet, or any other pet you may get simply for its benifits.

I also favor making pets paintable.

All animal mounts should also have an image that player's can stitch their pets as if they desire. This means if you have a horse, tiger, or dragon and stitch your pet into such an image, when you enter a fight your mount is effectively right at your side fighting along with you.