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My new pet Shadow.

Jul 13, 2013
Okay this really awesome level 100 wizard let me hatch a pet with him. My pet was an ancient ghost dragon and his was a Mega Dread Grimoire(How awesome his that?). Anyways, I was wondering what pet talents my new pet Shadow is going to have. She's an adult and all her talent slots say rare or ultra rare or mega, and she's got feint spell and may cast sprite already. Should I keep training her to be Mega?
I stopped training my other ghost dragon because I just want may cast spells and he didn't have the ability to have that. But does a Grimiore have may cast pet talents? And will they carry over to my new hybrid?
Thanks, Myrna Dragoncloud.

Apr 05, 2014
Okay, first of all you're lucky to hatch it with him. it cost a fortune in the crown shop.
the good news is that it has a lot of card abilities. But it only gives it to your deck so no may cast spell. A bit like sea dragon. It's a good starter. I'll just give you the abilities that it can do:
Pip'o'plenty Super hurry
Mana gift Oil slick
Health gift Bombarder
Buff minion(card) Bananas
Heart o pixie(card) No passing
Feinting spell (card) Big downer
Power Player(card) Super pass
Feeling weak(card) Scoot
Hexster (card) Super-stall
Balanceblade (card) Unbreakable
I'll train it to Mega if you're a balance character.
Hope all those helps

Sep 06, 2013