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My dragon :)

Jul 08, 2012
I have a coldfire dragon...

This thing gives one of the best fire spells i have ever seen rivaling lump of coal
and for a fire wizard It is the best pet you can have period.

It gives a spell that hits all enemies dealing 440 fire damage at the cost of 7 pips
the exact same as our regular dragon but instead of putting a ridiculously weak
damage over time on all targets it puts a smoke screen on them all and then
it turns around and gives everyone in the group a +9 pierce blade and at ancient
it gives two of this wonderful spell.

Mine currently gives painbringer +1% global damage which is ok but not great
and may cast sprite which is a good heal. hoping it will learn more heals.

Anyway i just wanted to tell everyone how wonderful i think this pet is for fire
wizards. Hoping to get some better talents later down the road hatching with it.

thank you Timothy Blueblood for hatching with me and giving me the chance to
obtain such a wonderful pet. :)

Nov 05, 2011
Just one question, why would you post this?
Ok two, can you hatch with me.