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My Betta Fish is helping the Enemy!!

Sep 23, 2013
I am a level 75 Storm playing in Avalon and I noticed something very strange about my pet Betta Fish. It has the "Drop It" talent which (as you know) is supposed to remove a positive blade from your opponent. However, I noticed that if I'm using a minion, and it casts a weakness spell on my PvE opponent; my Betta Fish will occasionally remove that weakness blade. Ermehgerd! Is that supposed to happen?

Now I'm wondering if this has happened to a live player casting a weakness or smoke screen on an opponent. Will that Betta Fish pet remove it?? Interested to hear comments.

P.S I've also noticed similar odd behavior on my pet Sea Dragon with Pet Ability: Disarmament. The pet reacts to other players in my group casting traps on opponents. It reacts to remove those traps without actually doing so. Which is most of the time. Since there is only a random chance of this talent being triggered, why waste it on friendly traps? I kind of wish KI could fix the mechanics on these two pets.

Sep 17, 2012
Disarmament isn't a May Cast ability. What you are more likely seeing is your pet with May Cast Pierce trying to remove shields. Casting traps on enemies is a trigger, it tries to remove a shield. If there is no shield it just looks like it did nothing, same as if you cast pierce on an enemy without a shield. Also, I've never seen my Betta remove a weakness, it will however trigger on the cast of a weakness. But it removes a blade, or nothing, just the same as the May Cast Pierce does with traps/shields.