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Magma Colosuss+Derby=Snippy?

Dec 18, 2008

Okay now not to offend anyone with a magma colossus, but I've seen a lot of low levels with it...well they seem to be snippy.
Like earlier today I was racing minding my own stuff right?
boom the race was over I got beat by the person with the magma didn't bother me none, But out of no where she came saying Spiffy-Pop is cheap dadada, and so I didn't agree with her, and then she goes on some weird rampage out of no where saying I'm immature a brat dadada, I mean it's not right if you ask me, she was insulting me, but I didn't care none, was more weirded out but still. I mean has this happened to anyone else? And it's not the only person to do that to me though, some level 1 was like preaching about something and was talking about everyone. Yeah, yeah I'm complaining. But I'm complaining about complainers, In which are kinda annoying if that's all you hear when you win a race come in second or just plain out dust them, I mean in my offense Spiffy-Pop is totally fair, I've beaten many people who has it.