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loss of rare pets for level one players

Dec 18, 2009
at first i LOVED owning tons of dragons and pets! then the update came before the update i seen that the life sprite pet was at rattle bones so i was trying to get it. then it went live i got the only pet rattle bones drops A STUPID MYTH SPRITE now i'm stuck with two of them if i could i would sell it a t the bazaar so A LEVEL ONE PLAYER AN HAVE IT! and i loved pets at the bazaar because it gives NEW PLAYERS A CHANCE TO HAVE A ULTRA RARE PET! i mean it not like they can just go battle lord nightshade to get ONE dark sprite insted they an go to the bazaar to get one BUT they have to get defeated a hundred times and when they do win they GET SOMETHING DUMB LIKE A PEANUT OR A PIECE OF BROCLIE COVERED WITH CHEASE

i give most of the update these
the rest like talantes

Zachary LegendHeart
nice ice
master pet hunter

Feb 15, 2010
Dec 18, 2009
sparks123454 wrote:
ok one question why are u naming urself a pet hunter?
because i spend most my time looking for pets from bosses and leveling for new pets