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Losing credit for races due to freeze.

Jul 19, 2009
Enough is enough.
I have one charactor that from the start never advanced
after 3 1st place wins. I have screen shots to prove it.
Today had 3 instances of where the screen freezes at the moment you are to get your tickets and credit for 1st place win and nothing happens. You have to hit escape and quit
to get out and then I lose my credits. Its not my system because always after this happens the people in the race all
remark about the same thing.
Pet racing right now is the only reason I play , get it working right . I have 2 accounts and its doubtful
I will keep the other account going if racing stays this buggy.
Rank is the incentive and getting the ranked pets is also a reason I get miffed when I dont get my credit. Do any of you at WI try to do ranked races from home? Gets frustrating to lose Capt rank now 6 times so far and to try to regain it now back to 7 times. I'm sure its a breeze to play
on test servers at your company's location, its not from a home in Calif.
3rd place losing 5 pts and 4th losing 10 is way too much.
3rd place should break even and 4th lose 5pts. Consider that.
Of course the game is subjected to a lot of packetloss and other factors due to the connections of all the players EVEN MORE REASON TO CHANGE THE LOSS PTS TO 3RD BREAK EVEN AND 4TH 5 PTS, since it is too much to take in all the variables . Give the PLAYERS a break, not some arbitary decision on the part of some KI staff that thinks thats how the losses should break down to.