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Looking to meet up to hatch for rare hounds!

Nov 12, 2011
Hi! My name in the game is Brianna Thunderheart and am very eager to find a few hounds and was wondering if you have a(n)
1) Amethyst
2) Periwinkle
4) Violet
Any of those hounds I would be forever grateful, I haven't hatched in months as I am looking for these hounds and no one seems to have them. I have other hounds with decent stats to offer to hatch with for instance:
1) Ianthine hound with double resist (5% and 9%) May cast Fairy, May cast Proof, and overall damage.
2) Ghost hound with May cast Healing Current, resist (9%), May cast Infection, May cast Fairy
3) Magenta hound (if you are looking for rarer pets) with May cast healing current and May cast Unicorn

I will be willing to meet up and hatch at a time of your choosing. I appreciate this so much if you are reading this and considering, I have been looking for a very long time. Thank you for your consideration!

Feb 06, 2010
Are you interested with danger hounds? Anyways, those are some nice hounds. If you are interested in my danger hound the baby will be a ghost hound though.

Nov 12, 2011
Yeah, the only hounds that I am interested in are the ones I listed. As you can see from the hounds I am offering as an exchange to hatch with I already own a Ghost hound, and it is the hybrid so I also have a Danger Hound but as we both know you cannot hatch a new Danger Hound, but thanks for the reply!