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Looking to Hatch!

Apr 13, 2013
Hello Wizards. I am looking out there if anyone is available to hatch. I am preferably looking for the talents Fairy Sprite Proof and Defy. Honestly, a pet with Sprite and Proof would suit me just fine but after many hatching attempts with my friend, I'm just hoping for a better pet. My best result so far has been an Ancient nightmare with Fairy, Mana gift and gives a feint card. I have a starfish with proof ice giver and ice blade. Idk. If anyone is out there and would be willing to hatch with my nightmare. Hopefully you have some good talents in your pool. Thanks in advance. And MC infallible would be pretty sweet. Thanks. I'm hoping for a new pet for pvp as whoever I face always has a better pet than mine :P.
-Liam, PVP Overlord, 1366

Nov 05, 2011
I have a pet vampire with may cast infection.
A storm beetle who gives rain beetle.
An Emberstone Tiger with a may cast.
A jellyfish with spritely.
An Emberstone tiger destined to get life bat and already has a may cast.
An epic Evil sandman.
I have more too but these are some of the best.