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Looking for someone to hatch with

Oct 23, 2012
Hi everyone. I have a pet that does a may cast healing current. It also has a 3% resistence. Its very helpful. But I am looking for pets that has spritley and healing current. My pet is ancient now and I am trying to get it spritley but I cant. I was wondering if I can hatch with someone who has a pet that gives a may cast sprite and healing current. My pet is a pegasus pony and it gives a judgement spell. It would be very helpful. Thanks

Feb 16, 2009
I have a Jellyfish (drop) with Spritely and a Brave hound (Card? maybe hatch idk got a while ago) with spritely

Nicholas Shadowcaster: Ice, level 76, ask for realm if you want to hatch

May 10, 2014
I have a pet with spritely and spell-proof. One with Unicorn and other stuff. Also one with Fairy Friend and Spell-Proof. I would be willing to hatch just tell me Date, Time (Eastern Time Plz), and Realm.

Blake Angelhunter lvl.64