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Looking for Rescue Rover

Aug 29, 2010
I hope this being posted in the right place :D

I am looking to hatch with a Rescue Rover. Talents don't matter. What I have to offer in exchange:

Dozens of pets across all characters with many different talents. So if you are looking for something in particular i may have it, most of them do have proof/defy/fairy/unicorn or sprite.

Looking to hatch on my ice character, and it currently has a Arctic Fox with proof/defy/unicorn/fairy, a Polar Cat with proof/defy/fairy/sprite, and some others with similar talents, but am willing to move pets if needed.

If anyone has a Rescue Rover that will be willing to hatch please let me know and we can set up a meet time. Thank you in advance :D

May 06, 2011
Hi i have a rescue rover with may cast curse, fire dealer and unicorn. I would be happy to hatch with you! The one thing i am looking for is a pet that has double resist and fairy. Maybe a fire petmwith a fire spell or something but imalso would be happy to hatch with pets that have universal spells like balance blade. I am willing to negotiate as i really need a pet with double resist!
Matthew DeathRider lvl 83

Jan 13, 2011
I have a rescue rover.. I'd be willing to hatch when I got the gold to. Don't need a lot more. My rescue rover has may cast fairy, unicorn, and gives 1 card of vengeance.

~~Kristen Level 49