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Looking for a Rain Beetle to hatch with.

Apr 17, 2009
Hey guys, I've tried making perfect pets, but you guys know that most pets you train fail eventually, so, as the title says, I'm looking to hatch with a rain beetle, but not just any!
I'm looking for someone who has it at least at Epic, Only may casts that I like are the may cast heals "Except life bat"
Resists (Universal preferred)
Damage (universal or Death, or Storm)

That's about it, If anyone is willing to help me out thanks!
So far I have a Rain Beetle with Spell-Defy, Mc Spritely, Mc Fairy, I was on Test Realm and it kind of failed there, So thank you guys for reading.

Nov 05, 2011
wow, i have most of those talents, on different pets. I don't like to put all those talents on a rain beetle. I have an adult storm beetle and it has no useful talents. Do you know how many fails that is?