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Looking for a hatch- Have Jade Hound

Jan 14, 2011
I have a Jade Hound with may cast Pierce, a Storm Hound, a Tempest Hound, an Orthrus, and quite a few untrained pets.
List of pets I would like to use for hatching:
Otis (65 Pedigree Jade Hound, again, that May Cast Pierce spell)
Spencer (57 Pedigree Orthrus)
Mister Fluffy (52 Pedigree Tempest Hound)
Queen Xena (57 Pedigree Storm Hound, from before Celestia I believe)
Prince Leo (75 Pedigree Polar Fox, with Critical and Unstoppable)

I also have, untrained:
Lady Precious (66 Pedigree Glacier Dragon, at baby. May get Unicorn and Sprite)
*Not sure about name* (57 Pedigree Bumblebee, at teen)
And lots more at my house!

List of pets I would like, in order of most wanted to least wanted:
Grimtooth! Want it for my Orthrus collection. I have 3/6 Orthrus pets.
Fierce Hound, Cautious Hound, Brave Hound... these are just examples. The dyable Hounds.
Frost Hound or Cerberus, same as Grimtooth
Good Dragons except Coldfire and normal.

Offers. Will consider everything. I may even hatch with a new player that needs one of my pets, just be sure it's what you want before you ask for it! I don't want to go through the "Oh, I don't want that anymore even though you trained it for me~" thing again. Already wasted a lot of mega snacks doing that.

Character Name:
Kymma MoonForge, level 31 or 32 Myth
Not sure on which realm I will be at, just what is most active, in order to search for what I want. Let me know which one you want me to go to, but don't make me wait too long, or I'll give up

Dec 12, 2010
I have an Adult Trojan Horse Pet. Sorry it is not one of the preferred pets. It has the following talents though.
  • Huge Rally
  • Life Striker
  • Slow Leader
  • Rugged
  • Also the Gnomest Card

Also I would like to hatch with the Orthrus and do by any chance know how much gold it will cost.

Olivia Skullhunter
level 30