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Looking for a hatch boost!

Aug 11, 2013
Looking for a pet, mainly storm.. maybe storm hound..? mc pixie, fairy, unicorn, saytr or any of those heals maybe some pain giver (any school) and some proof or defy?

idealy looking for the impossible;
- MC Fairy
-MC Pixie
- MC Unicorn
- Proof (4+)
- Defy (4+)

I dont have much, an enchanted armarment 67(12) and a triton who is currently a teen with pain giver (1+)
I dont expect everyone to go oh your asking for the impossible, im just looking for some nice people to help me out :D

Im free saturday + sunday so any time those days will be fine, My true friend code is 2EMFAHIZ
Im usually on in realm Wu Im a storm wizard now (used to be death) and my name is Katelyn AshBreeze

feel free to post back :D

Jan 29, 2012
I have an epic lil siren that may cast sprite, fairy, and unicorn, also pain giver, plus 5 damage for all schools if you want to hatch.